Sprouts Farmers Market Stock: A Hot Run, but Is It Time to Reevaluate?

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Diane Bojack 12 months

I've got some interesting updates on Sprouts Farmers Market (NASDAQ:SFM) that I wanted to share with you.  The stock has been on fire, returning almost 25% compared to the market's 14%. Not too shabby for a food retail company, right? However, I'm starting to have some second thoughts, and here's why.

First off, the stock recently shot past $40 after what Deutsche bank called a sizzling rally. In my opinion their downgrade to a Hold rating might be warranted. The stock has been on a roll:

- It's up 26% year-to-date.
- It's up a whopping 42% in just one year.
- It's trading near $40, a level it hasn't seen since 2013.
- It's sitting nearly 10% above its median price target.
- And it's slightly above its 5-year average PE ratio, all while food inflation is showing signs of easing.

Speaking of food inflation, that's becoming a bit of a concern. Companies like Sprouts could face margin pressure as food inflation slows down and potentially turns into deflation. Great news for us as consumers, but not so great for companies like Sprouts.

The recent earnings report from May had some positive aspects, but there were also a few concerns. With comparable sales up only 3% during high inflation, it raises questions about sales during non-inflationary and deflationary times. Plus, the company only reaffirmed a flat to slightly up profit margin for FY 2023. And while net sales went up, so did the cost of sales, making it crucial for Sprouts to control costs as pricing power eases.

Now, let's talk about the bigger economic picture. While Sprouts may be cheaper than Whole Foods in many categories, it still leans towards the higher end of the food retail industry in terms of cost. And in uncertain economic times, consumers tend to look for cheaper alternatives for their food purchases.

On top of that, insider transactions have caught my eye. There's been a fair amount of insider selling over the last few months to a year, and that always gives me pause.

I still believe in the long-term trend towards organic and healthy eating, but given the recent surge in the stock price and the potential challenges of deflation and a recession, I'm not as excited about Sprouts right now. If you've made some gains, it might be a good idea to consider trimming your position size or even selling covered calls as a hedge. Remember, there are more options than just buying and holding.

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