Semler Scientific: Examining the Pros and Cons of Investing in this Microcap Medical Device Company

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anuv javier 9 months

Semler Scientific is a microcap medical device company listed on NASDAQ (ticker: SMLR). The company's main product is the QuantaFlo device, which it aims to capitalize on. Semler went public in 2014, raising approximately $10 million with an IPO price of $7 per share.

Despite experiencing recent pullbacks, Semler's share price has performed well over the years. As of May 7, 2023, the stock is trading at over $25, representing a significant increase from its IPO price.

In 2021, Semler transitioned from trading as a bulletin board stock to trading on The Nasdaq Capital Market, which was expected to enhance liquidity and expand its shareholder base. However, since reaching a high of $153.21 on October 29, 2021, the stock price has declined and currently stands at around $25.50.

Semler has received positive ratings from analysts, with most of them rating the stock as a "Buy" or "Strong Buy." The company's profitability factor grade is strong, with mostly A+ grades and only one C grade in the ratio of CAPEX to sales. Semler's growth factor grade is also favorable, with a B+ rating.

It's worth noting that Semler does not disclose revenue breakdowns by individual products in its financial filings. However, an estimate of QuantaFlo's revenue stream can be derived from the reported revenue of Semler's Medical Sales Solutions (MSS) segment.

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