Russell Investments Group Ltd. Takes a Leap with Increased Stake in Opera Limited (NASDAQ: OPRA)

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Russell Investments Group Ltd. has made a bold move in the fourth quarter, significantly increasing its holdings in Opera Limited (NASDAQ: OPRA). According to the recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, the fund has raised its stake by a whopping 187.2%. With the acquisition of an additional 53,269 shares, Russell Investments Group Ltd. now owns a total of 81,727 shares of Opera's stock, representing approximately 0.07% of the company's total worth.

This substantial increase in holdings by Russell Investments Group Ltd. showcases their strong belief in Opera's future prospects. It will be intriguing to observe how this amplified stake will influence Opera's trajectory and whether it will attract the attention of other institutional investors.

Opera Limited, known for its web browsers and mobile apps, operates through its Browser and News segments. With the stock currently trading at $15.42 and exhibiting a 2.1% increase, Opera has been making notable moves in the market. It is certainly a company worth keeping an eye on as it continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the tech industry.

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