Insights into PPL Co.: Investor Activities, Dividend Stability, and Market Outlook

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uyong jain 4 months

Franklin Resources Inc. recently made a slight reduction in its holdings of PPL, selling off about 25,516 shares. However, they still hold around 6,319,178 shares, which is worth a whopping $184,646,000. Not too shabby!

On the dividend front, PPL has announced a quarterly dividend of $0.24 per share. If you're an investor on record by June 9th, you'll be enjoying that sweet payout on July 3rd. That translates to an annualized dividend yield of about 3.63%. Nice!

Now, even though PPL has been dealing with some insider trading activities, it seems to be holding up well. The company maintains a stable dividend payout ratio of 91.43% and remains disciplined in providing consistent returns to its shareholders. That's always a good sign.

And it's not just Franklin Resources Inc. that's showing interest in PPL. Several institutional investors, like Kestra Private Wealth Services LLC and Janney Capital Management LLC, have increased their stake in the company. Even with mixed ratings from different sources, analysts still seem pretty bullish on PPL, and it's trading at around $26.44 per share.

Sure, the future might have some uncertainties, but with these recent institutional investor moves and PPL's resilient performance, there seems to be growing interest and confidence in the utilities provider. 

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