Headwater Exploration: Profiting in the Face of Heavy Oil Challenges

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 Headwater Exploration, a Canadian company in the heavy oil industry, despite facing some challenges, they managed to post a profit, which is impressive considering the widening heavy oil discount that affected many in the industry.

Now, heavy oil profits tend to be more volatile compared to light oil profits. It all depends on the strength of heavy oil prices. Fortunately, in the latest quarter, the prices weren't too bad. However, it's worth noting that the industry often bases acquisitions on a fixed discount, which can be risky. That discount is not set in stone and can vary widely during cyclical downturns, making the breakeven price for heavy oil production uncertain.

Headwater Exploration operates in one of the most profitable heavy oil basins out there. However, this necessitates a conservative balance sheet due to the discount. Some conservative balance sheets took a hit in the last quarter, but it gives companies like Headwater the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to weather the next industry downturn and capitalize on the subsequent recovery.

Despite the challenging market conditions, Headwater managed to grow its production during a period of low sales prices. They were able to achieve this thanks to their sizable working capital, which exceeded C$70 million. And here's an interesting tidbit: unlike many other companies, Headwater has no long-term debt. This gives them a competitive advantage in an industry with thin profit margins.

While capital expenditures were lower compared to the previous year, the decrease in working capital might be a seasonal trend. During the Spring Breakup in Canada, there's typically a slowdown in activity, giving companies a chance to review their plans for the rest of the fiscal year. So, there might be revisions if oil prices continue to weaken.

Adjusted funds flows were down in the latest comparison, but the company's rapid production growth has the potential to offset the effects of lower prices in the future. The key is to maintain an acceptable margin under different industry conditions to sustain drilling and completion activities.

It's worth mentioning that the oil industry goes through cyclical downturns, and there have been times when prices were so low that companies had to halt drilling and shut-in production to mitigate negative cash flow. However, those companies that had hedged their positions could afford to stop production and rely on the hedges.

Due to the pricing volatility discussed in their earnings press release, their forward growth projections are quite conservative. Management typically revises their plans as they approach the end of the fiscal year, giving them a clearer picture of at least the first six months. This helps them plan their capital expenditures, which are heavily weighted towards the first and fourth quarters.

One interesting aspect is the potential for growth in areas where discoveries have been made. As long as commodity prices remain reasonable, Headwater can rapidly expand the company because their wells are highly profitable. Furthermore, the basin where they operate has stacked intervals, meaning there's the possibility of tapping into intervals that are currently not considered a priority or commercially viable. However, management has taken a conservative approach in their future growth scenario, just in case.

Headwater Exploration is also exploring new well designs that could further lower breakeven costs and increase profitability in additional zones and leasing areas. The company's cash flow is already growing steadily, with relatively short well payback periods in this basin. Plus, there are still many potential areas that can be leased, and Canada's lower leasing costs provide an additional advantage, resulting in higher corporate profitability for successful wells.

Headwater Exploration managed to report a decent heavy oil profit at a time when the industry faced profitability challenges. The company's rapid growth and the profitability of their basin indicate the potential for continued expansion, despite management's conservative growth guidance. With a strong balance sheet and no long-term debt, Headwater is well-positioned to navigate the volatility of the heavy oil industry. It's definitely a company worth considering, especially considering the experience of its management team and the reduced risk of long-term losses. Keep in mind that the industry as a whole carries financial and operational risks, so Headwater's conservative approach is a smart move.

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