AT&T: Seeking Redemption in Turbulent Waters

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Amy Swift 12 months

AT&T (NYSE:T) has been a rollercoaster ride for investors, with shares losing almost half their value over the past decade. Despite the company's struggles, the generous dividend has been a silver lining for shareholders. However, the recent decision to spin off WarnerMedia and reduce the dividend has not been well received, and AT&T has faced a further decline in its stock value. Still, amidst the challenges, some believe there is hope for the company's future and suggest measures to improve market 

AT&T's performance over the last decade has been disappointing, with shares losing almost 46% of their value. Investors have voiced frustration over management decisions and the lack of value unlocked from the WarnerMedia spinoff. The market sentiment has been far from bullish, and even attempts at a rally were short-lived. However, some investors remain optimistic, seeking opportunities to reinvest at the reduced share 

One significant concern for many investors is AT&T's substantial debt load, currently standing at $169.56 billion. Despite this, the company has proven capable of handling its debt obligations. In Q1 2023, AT&T paid $1.71 billion in interest expenses while generating $4.43 billion in net income, illustrating its ability to manage debt. The company's debt is extended over decades, with fixed rates of 4.1%, providing room to absorb interest expenses within operating income.

Looking ahead, AT&T aims to generate $16+ billion in free cash flow (FCF) throughout 2023, which will be vital in bolstering market confidence. Investors are eager to see improved FCF and revenue performance in Q2 and subsequent quarters. Additionally, AT&T must focus on growth in subscribers across mobility and fiber, reducing expenses as a percentage of revenue, and increasing profits. Retiring debt, buying back shares, and reinstating annual dividend increases could be pivotal in restoring shareholder value.

AT&T's journey over the past decade has been challenging, leading to skepticism among investors. However, with a focused approach and improved financial performance, there may be a chance for the company to regain investor confidence. The key lies in generating strong free cash flow, reducing debt, and displaying a commitment to shareholder value. If AT&T can execute these strategies effectively, the current undervaluation could present a compelling investment opportunity for those willing to hold on for the potential turnaround.

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