3 Cryptocurrency Stocks to Consider Amid Bitcoin's Rebound Attempt

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In the wake of a challenging 2022, the cryptocurrency market has shown resilience and mounted a comeback in 2023. The Federal Reserve's campaign of monetary tightening, marked by aggressive interest rate hikes to combat high inflation, had previously weighed on cryptocurrencies. However, uncertainties surrounding the Fed's future interest rate actions have kept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, and BNB rangebound over the past three months.

Bitcoin's Ups and Downs: Bitcoin, in particular, embarked on a bullish journey until July, reaching a price of $31,500. Subsequently, a Fed interest rate hike in July triggered a decline in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, which had previously hit a 52-week high in early July, has been on a downward trend since then.

Bitcoin's Recent Performance: Despite these challenges, Bitcoin has started to stabilize in recent weeks, currently hovering around $26,900 after dipping to as low as $25,400 in late August and September. This stabilization came following the Fed's decision to maintain its benchmark policy rate unchanged.

Impact of Interest Rates: Higher market interest rates negatively affect high-growth sectors like technology, consumer discretionary, and cryptocurrencies. The Fed's aggressive tightening policy has also raised concerns about a potential economic recession. Fed Chair Jerome Powell's comments on inflation and the possibility of another 25 basis points interest rate hike in 2024 have further influenced the market.

Cryptocurrency Rebound: Despite these challenges, cryptocurrencies are making attempts to rebound from recent lows. This optimism among investors follows dovish comments from several Fed officials who believe that the central bank may decide against another interest rate hike in its upcoming November FOMC meeting.

Now, let's look at three cryptocurrency-related stocks to consider in the current market scenario:

NVIDIA Corporation: NVIDIA is a major player in the semiconductor industry and has thrived in 2023. With its GPUs playing a vital role in data centers, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency mining, the company is well-positioned to benefit from a thriving crypto market. The expected earnings growth rate for the current year is 221.6%.

CME Group Inc.: CME Group offers options for cryptocurrency futures contracts, allowing buyers to buy/sell these contracts at specific prices in the future. CME's offerings include bitcoin and ether options, and it has seen an expected earnings growth rate of 14.1% for the current year.

Coinbase Global, Inc.: Coinbase offers financial infrastructure and technology for the cryptocurrency economy. It provides a financial account for crypto consumers, a marketplace for institutional crypto asset transactions, and services for developers to build crypto-based applications. The company is expected to achieve an earnings growth rate of 84.5% for the current year.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market is showing signs of resilience and rebounding from recent challenges, with opportunities to consider in stocks like NVIDIA, CME Group, and Coinbase Global as they navigate the evolving crypto landscape

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