Is C3 AI Going to Buck The Trend and Keep Pushing Technological Barriers?

In an ever-changing technological world, a topic that has many people excited, raising their eyebrows or down right nervous, is AI. In recent months, we have seen just how impactful AI can be for industries spanning from manufacturing all the way to the healthcare industry.

One of the top performers in the world of AI right now is undoubtedly C3 AI. With their suite of tools including their exceptional machine learning algorithm, they have put themselves in a position for genuine longevity in an industry that is currently rife with competition. The real question is, is C3 AI the next big thing in this booming industry?

C3 AI – The Origins

Founded back in 2009 by Thomas M. Siebel, a man who has cemented his place in the history of Silicon Valley. Siebel’s vision is what has driven C3 AI to the height of where it is to do but it was not on his back alone that he carried this vision. Siebel has put together an exceptional team of executives and software developers to help drive the company even further into a new frontier of AI assisted software and technology.

The Fundamentals of the Company

C3 AI is the epitome of efficiency. It drives digital transformation by providing comprehensive services that help build and shape AI applications more effectively. C3 AI has helped to eliminate inefficiencies within a number of companies already. The AI has not established itself in one sector or industry though, as it continues to expand into a number of fields. This innovative AI supports the value chain in any and all of these industries by providing reliability, sensor network health, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, energy management and much more.

“AI will soon be a $600 billion software market.”

C3 AI Founder & CEO Tom Siebel

C3 AI Intuitive Applications

So, what is it exactly that C3 AI is providing to its range of partners and clients? We know that they are an AI company but the finer points are far more interesting. There are numerous applications provided by C3 AI. Understanding these applications help us to better grasp what it is they actually do for companies in industries spanning from financial services to manufacturing.

Machine Learning

A key component to the C3 AI offering is their ability to provide companies and data scientists with a multitude of machine learning techniques. C3 AI machine learning is light years ahead of your average logic-based algorithms. C3 AI machine learning infers information from existing data, allowing it to learn from observation, much like a human would.

C3 AI provides multiple variations on their machine learning. This means that clients can make use of supervised or unsupervised learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning. Essentially, C3 AI gives data scientists the tools to manage their own aims. The built-in tools, libraries and established frameworks allow data scientists to develop their own machine learning models. The platform is seamlessly integrated and allows data scientists to make use of the latest AI developments.

High Integration Capabilities

C3 AI’s data integration capabilities allow organizations to easily connect, ingest, and process data from a variety of sources, including structured and unstructured data from IoT devices, sensors, databases, and other enterprise systems. C3 AI’s platform supports a wide range of data formats, including JSON, CSV, and XML, among others, and can handle both batch and real-time data processing.

C3 AI’s platform also includes a range of tools and features to help organizations manage and govern their data. This includes data quality checks, data lineage tracking, and security and access controls to ensure that data is accurate, consistent, and secure throughout the entire data integration process. In essence, the data integration capabilities provided by C3 AI gives the client a seamless and effective way to manage and process their data. With the direction that tech and data, it’s easy to see how this will continue to be utilized going forward.

“We made substantial progress ramping up our consumption-based sales effort, and as a result C3 AI has seen significant growth and momentum over the past year.”

CEO Thomas Siebel, on making the Financial Times list of fasting growing companies.

C3 AI Ex Machina

It’s worth mentioning one of the most useful tools on the platform which is the Ex Machina No-Code AI. It is a self-service AI analytics tool that enables business analysts and data scientists to explore and analyze large datasets using AI and machine learning. The tool is designed to be easy-to-use and accessible for non-technical users, allowing them to leverage the power of AI without requiring deep technical expertise.

While C3 AI does provide adequate tools for experts to craft their own machine learning models, it is Ex Machina that allows a much easier experience in this regard for those who are looking to be guided rather than have full control over their models. From data exploration and visualization to predictive analytics, the Ex Machina No-Code AI tool can execute an array of tasks for its user.

“AI has all of a sudden become king and we seem to be the name of the game.”

C3 AI Founder & CEO Tom Siebel

Leading the Way for Industry Solutions

From the previous section, it’s clear that C3 AI is a multi-faceted platform that provides more than just some algorithm to help you understand data. Instead, C3 AI provides companies with a way to increase efficiency, reduce costs, predict patterns and countless other uses. They have expanded into multiple industries and fields, so let’s take a look at a few of the major industries C3 AI currently finds itself.

Next-Generation Manufacturing

C3 AI’s predictive maintenance solution uses machine learning algorithms to analyze real-time data from manufacturing equipment which then gives the company the ability to predict when maintenance is needed. Ultimately, this helps to minimize downtime, saving money and it helps to avoid malfunctions or failure in machinery.

Where C3 AI can help to predict major errors in production it also helps stamp out minor defects in a product line, allowing the manufacturer to improve the overall quality of whatever it is producing. C3 AI’s quality control solution uses AI to analyze manufacturing data and identify patterns that can help improve product quality as a whole. And as such allows manufacturers to detect defects early in the production process.

Abundant Uses in the Healthcare Industry

Where things get really exciting with the C3 AI tools is in the healthcare industry. C3 AI’s precision medicine solution uses machine learning algorithms to analyze patient data and identify personalized treatment options based on a patient’s unique genetic makeup, medical history, and lifestyle factors. In short, C3 AI helps to deliver a more effective treatment plan to the patient by utilizing all of the data that it has taken in from its machine learning techniques.Much like it does when detecting defects or faults in manufacturing, C3 AI can also help to detect and prevent potential diseases. C3 AI’s disease detection and prevention solution uses AI to analyze patient data and identify patterns that can indicate the presence of a disease. This can help healthcare providers detect diseases earlier, leading to better treatment outcomes and improved patient survival rates.

Practical Financial Services

There are a number of uses in the financial industry when it comes to C3 AI. The most obvious being fraud detection. C3 AI’s fraud detection solution uses machine learning algorithms to analyze financial transactions and identify patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity. This helps financial institutions reduce the risk of financial crime and improve regulatory compliance. At the very least, it’s an incredibly useful tool for auditors to be ushered in the right direction and help them do their job more effectively.

The other major benefit of C3 AI in the financial industry that we’ve seen is its ability to help reduce risk. C3 AI’s risk management solution uses AI to analyze market data, financial statements, and other sources of information to identify potential risks and help financial institutions make informed decisions. This can help financial institutions manage risk more effectively and reduce losses. It’s clear how this would be incredibly helpful to actuaries and their ability to assess all the variables and calculate risk.

Efficient Energy Management

From what we have gathered, C3 AI’s energy consumption optimization solution uses AI to analyze data from energy systems and identify areas where energy can be saved. This can help energy companies reduce their energy costs and improve their environmental sustainability. In terms of what C3 AI is contributing to society, we can see that through their energy management, they help our environmental footprint, just like they aid with our ability to be able to better serve patients in hospitals.

Energy management is more than just conserving energy though. C3 AI also puts focus on asset optimization. They use their AI to analyze data from energy equipment and identify opportunities to optimize asset performance.

Ultimately, it gives these companies the tools to prolong the shelf life of their machinery and equipment. It also helps to maximize on costs.

How C3 AI Has Helped Its Clients

Having expanded into multiple industries, it stands to reason that C3 AI are involved with a number of different conglomerates and companies. Just off the bak of this, it’s clear that there is a lot of potential for growth. Tha rate at which this company will expand moving forward, is yet to be seen.

However, just by viewing the massive companies that C3 AI has helped to streamline and improve right below, it would be fair to conclude that C3 AI is bound for big things.

Shell – Working to Optimize Oil and Gas Production

One of C3 AI’s biggest clients right now is easily the global energy company Shell. So, how have C3 AI managed to aid one of the biggest companies in the world? Well, C3 AI worked with Shell to produce an AI-powered system for monitoring and optimizing oil and gas production. The system uses C3 AI’s most prominent tool, machine learning, to analyze data from drilling operations, reservoirs and any and all other sources to help Shell make better decisions about where to drill and how to more effectively increase production.

ENGIE – Computing Data at a Lightning Speed

Energie is a multinational electric utility company so they provide an interesting example of how C3 AI has managed to cross industries to serve a company vastly different to that of Shell. Essentially, C3 AI produced an AI -powered energy management system that uses machine learning to analyze energy usage data. From there, energy consumption across ENGIE’s facilities can be optimized. The end goal of this optimization is to reduce costs but also to improve environmental sustainability.

Koch Industries – Streamlining Operational Processes

Where we have now touched on global energy companies and multinational electric utility companies, it’s worthwhile to continue painting the picture of just how diverse the applications of C3 AI are. With Koch Industries you have a global conglomerate that has used the machine learning algorithms of C3 AI to help assimilate and analyze data from the company’s operations to help identify areas where improvements can be made. This aids Koch Industries to reduce costs significantly and improve the overall efficiency of the company.

Is C3 AI Going to Buck The Trend and Keep Pushing Technological Barriers?

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect with C3 AI but it’s clear just how well put together their platform and tools are. What is truly impressive is just how applicable their machine learning algorithms are to multiple industries. With the current state of AI and the hub around where it may lead us, it can be easy to get swept up in the wave of hysteria and excitement.

We are entering a period of time where AI seems to be growing exponentially which leaves us asking, can C3 AI weather the storm of competition and end up on the other side as a staple in the industry? With massive clients and partners like Shell, Enegie, the US Air Force, Eversource, Koch Industries and more, C3 AI has grown a significant client base and they don’t appear to be struggling to attract more big names.

If C3 AI can continue to grow, change and expand into other industries, there is no reason that they can’t become one of the leading AI providers in the world and remain there for years to come.


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