Earnings Reports

An earnings report is a mandatory report which all publicly-traded companies must publish. These reports indicate the financial standing of a company as well as the current performance and profitability. Reports must be submitted on an quarterly basis, annually, as well as reports known as 10-K and 10-Q. (1)U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission."Exchange Act Reporting and Registration."

Reports of this nature are released via online platforms. Past reports are cataloged on the SEC website and various other online financial publications while upcoming earnings reports are displayed under calendars sections of exchanges such Nasdaq. (2)Nasdaq."Earnings Calendar."

An earnings report offers the public the chance to assess each company in full. As such, it represents a balance sheet which is accessible by all. Every time an earnings report is released, the underlying stock of the company is bound to experience change one way or the other. It is important, however, to take note that assessing an earnings report won’t tell you much about the long-term growth potentials and stability of the stock in question. Therefore, don’t take the info contained in an earnings report as the be-all and end-all for possible investments. 

Nasdaq Earnings Reports 

As mentioned, it is possible to follow earnings reports via the Nasdaq calendar. Here, you can track all upcoming reports which are to be released. In order to find the report you are after, you can simply use the search function to enter the ticker symbol or name of the company and/or search the set date for when the report is being released. 

Reports will indicate a number of data points relating to the company in question. This includes earnings per share, past financial ratios, and future earnings forecasts. 

Keeping Track Of Earnings Reports via the SEC Site 

Although the Nasdaq calendar is very useful, using the SEC website is the best for accessing comprehensive earnings reports which range from annual and quarterly reports to the latest 10-Q and 10-K reports for all public companies which are traded online. 

Difference between quarterly and 10-Q reports  

Both of these reports include quarterly earnings data but the 10-Q report is far more extensive in scope and covers more financial info than what is found in a general quarterly earnings report. 

Staying Abreast with Earnings Calls 

It’s a good idea to take note of the fact that you are able to access earnings calls for the most part. These calls, which provide a fantastic overview of the financial viability of a publicly-traded company, can be listened to via desktop or mobile – as long as you are connected to the internet. Alternatively, you can visit the online website of a company where many of these entities provide access to earnings calls. 


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