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About StockWire 
StockWire is an online information hub where people can find objective, factual and up-to-date financial coverage of stock market developments and the latest in investing.

Our team is dedicated to providing current news as well as offering informative educational articles and comprehensive research reports to our readers.

The Newsroom
We keep you in the loop with up to the minute news reporting of daily market trends and significant financial events.

The focal point of our daily news is to cover those companies that are undergoing market movements on any given day instead of the general happenings of the entire market.

Education Center
Increase your stock market and investing knowledge with our freely available and highly-insightful educational articles.

Central to our educational resources is the aim to provide you with insights as to how the market functions and the factors that influence it.

Insight Wire
StockWire crafts enlightening research reports that provide extensive, yet easy to understand, overviews of companies listed on the stock exchange. We aim to include information that usually goes unnoticed while also identifying trends that are yet to occur.

These reports are created in order for our readers to glean valuable information about companies that are potentially set to take center stage moving forward.

The Stock Board
A general discussion board which is accessible to all of our readers who wish to engage in stock-related discourse online. If you wish to take part, simply create an account and you’ll be able to share your very own thoughts and trading views with like-minded individuals.

Wire – Market News Before it Hits the Wire
You’ll be privy to all of the latest stock market developments via our weekly updates. Rest assured that we endeavor to inform you straight away of any pertinent news before it reaches the global network.*

Our Mission – To be the Wire to the world
Our mission is to empower investors. It is our belief that we can enable you to make the right investment decisions through curated stock research; accurate news coverage; practical market statistics; and engaging reader-based dialogue.

Ultimately, our telling coverage of respective public companies and underlying stocks will enable you to make well-judged and weighted trading or investment decisions.

StockWire does not offer trading advice when it comes to buying, selling, or holding any form of security or investment.

Our intention is to equip you with the required knowledge to make more insightful financial decisions based on our impartial research and analysis, news, and educational resources. 

None of our provided content should take preference over advice offered by accredited financial advisors, licensed attorneys, or any other financially-certified professional or entity. 

* StockWire uses information and data which is publicly available when compiling all news that appears in our Newsroom, on our website, and in our regular newsletter. At no point in time are we wise to insider trading information nor complicit in any illegal processing of trading information.

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